Director Message

Education is a continuous process by which a generation becomes prepared to attain self fulfillment by providing opportunities to develop the personality cult and to instill the principles of civic responsibility in order to sustain the time tested institutions which maintain Law and order and harmony in society for its members to pursue creative endeavor. Through such system the public schools get recognition by the state/council. The citizens are in permit of such institutions which would cater to the needs and innate potential of the younger generation. Though this choice is difficult, yet the outcome is bound to be discernible.
Central Academy has built up a tradition in the pursuit of excellence in every field of education, discipline, academic standards, development of integrated personalities and the virtue of a healthy mind in a healthy body. Here every student receives individual attention and the maximum possible comfort. It is our endeavor to make education a meaningful and an enjoyable experience for children.
The story does not end here. Please come and look around the school.
A very warm welcome and I look forward to the pleasures of meeting you