Aditya Puram, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
CBSC Affiliation No. : 1030137
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About Management

Founder’s Message:

We want education by which character is formed....
Education is a continuous process by which a generation becomes prepared to attain self-fulfillment by providing opportunities to develop the personality cult and to instill the principles of civic responsibility in order to sustain the time tested institutions which maintain Law and order and harmony in society for its members to pursue creative endeavor. Through such system the public schools get recognition by the state/council. The citizens are in permit of such institutions which would cater to the needs and innate potential of the younger generation. Though this choice is difficult, yet the outcome is bound to be discernible.

Central Academy has built up a tradition in the pursuit of excellence in every field of education, discipline, academic standards, development of integrated personalities and the virtue of a healthy mind in a healthy body. Here every student receives individual attention and the maximum possible comfort. It is our endeavor to make education a meaningful and an enjoyable experience for children.

"Swami Vivekananda said",“We want education by which character is formed. Strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet. We Indians should be proud of the rich cultural heritage of our country”.
At CAS, we strive to inculcate the rich Indian roots in our students along with a global exposure".
At CAS, we strive to inculcate the rich Indian roots in our students along with a global exposure".


Er. Vinay Kumar Jhalani

Principal’s Message:

“Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be…It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And, now is right on time...”

Life is a journey. The path we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to, is up to us. We determine our destination. For us, this journey of excellence is perennial. It has indeed been a long and enriching journey of 2+ decades for us at Central Academy School. A gratifying odyssey that began in 1996, with the vision of providing holistic and globally relevant education to the young citizens of India, CAS has today, become a cornerstone in helping generations of students to dream, visualize and plan for their future.

When you enter our beautiful campus, the first thing that strikes you is the piety and cognitively rich atmosphere which is all pervading in our corridors. As one gets acquainted with our culture and ethos, one realizes that family values, dedication, purity and bio conservation are not mere words for us, these are the maxims that we live by. Our idyllic working atmosphere, fashions tireless and devoted facilitators, who have today created their own masterpieces on the canvas of education.Winged as their brushes are by devotion, faith and love which are the hallmark of our institution.

Believing that “If everyone is moving together, then success takes care of itself,” the entire staffs of CAS moves with a mission of providing its children with all possible facilities that help them in becoming good and successful human beings. We have always believed that “teach a child to experience and appreciate the real wonders of his country and the world; and you will teach him to grow the wings of ambition and soar…soar like a falcon towards the skies with feet firmly planted in core Indian values.”

The credentials of the School speak for itself through the success of its students who left their trail on traditional as well as uncharted fields with unprecedented success in every conceivable field. Our alumnus is shining in various fields like engineering, medicine, business,administration, fashion, theatre and the like.

We continue our ascent towards success by asking more of ourselves today, tomorrow and forever. Accepting as true, Henry Ford’s words: “Life begins with one step outside of your comfort zone,” the School aspires to create a symphony in the hearts of its young pupils, such that it exudes pure music and propels them to the exalted position that is the beginning of a wonderful dream.The School motto ‘Soaring High is My Nature’ is deeply embedded in the hearts of our students as they move ahead to win more accolades.



Chief Admin Officer Message:

“Value based education is the biggest gift parents can give to their children, which will be a strong foundation on which they can build the edifice of their life”.

"Central Academy School is a prestigious institution that places a pivotal role to create leaders of tomorrow who are articulate, charismatic, gusty and passionate individuals. The untiring and dedicated teachers aim at inculcating the quality education with integrated character formation. I derive a great satisfaction and feel elated and proud that I have associated myself with Central Academy School. The magnanimous management aim to foster the needs of the young minds with their valuable support and guidance which in turn molds the youth to face the approaching challenges with burning enthusiasm and vigor. We strive to achieve perfection in our endeavor at CAS and reach the pinnacle of glory".


Chief Admin Officer