Principal Message

"On behalf of Central Academy School family, I welcome you from the bottom of my Heart."
Central Academy School is a journey of self-discovery for a young boy and a girl as he/she grows to a young adult. Of course, the school will equip him to excel in academics, and to be savvy in the use of technology. But equally, knowledge is to become a liberating experience as the scholar will be encouraged to discover inert interests, inert talents and aptitudes, and learn to form own opinions and role in society. This is achieved in a nurturing environment, where the mentor and the mentee live a shared life, as if in a gurukool, yet adapted to this millennium. An important feature of this process is the school s provision of rich choices, be they in courses of academics, in the range of societies, in artistic, creative and intellectual activities, and in sports and adventure. Engagements with ecology and heritage become like breathing in and breathing out, as indeed engagements with the community, within the school, in rural areas, or through NGOs.
The school aims at an all round development of boys and girls ; physical, emotional and intellectual with consciousness towards social obligations, Indian art, culture, music, dance, yoga and languages.
10 years of General Education is followed by 2 years of preparation leading to Engineering, Medicine, Commerce and Institutes of higher education and future careers.
The aim of the school is to impart an all-round education, so as to equip the students mentally, morally, physically and culturally to become worthy citizens of free India and enable them to *ealously guard and retain its noble traditions. The School aims at disciplined students, educated in mind, body and spirit and hence best suited to serve their country and best fitted to lead others by their example.