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REPUBLIC DAY & BASANT PANCHAMI CELEBRATION AT CENTRAL ACADEMY SCHOOL Today 74th Republic Day and Basant Panchami were celebrated in the school with great zeal and enthusiasm. First of all school management, staff and students worshiped the Goddess of Knowledge Maa Saraswati after that the flag hoisting was done by the director of the school Mr. Vinay Kumar Jhalani. On this auspicious occasion the prizes and medals were distributed to the outstanding performers of various different activities, competitions and games along with the winners Annual Science Exhibition. Mrs. Kavita Jhalani (director of CAS) had appealed the students and staff members to follow the constitution of country and school's too. Principal of the school Mr. Arvind Singh Jadon has emphasized in his speech to follow the rules and regulations in your life and be disciplined for achieving something great. He also shared one of his self written poem from the stage to do some amendment in constitution for the growth and development of the country.